If I were to die this year

If I were to die this year, what would I like for me to have been doing? Or to put it in more of a do it, present-tense way: What should I strive to do this year?

Background: On 13 June 2022, I learned from my stress echocardiogram and my history that I have stable angina.
I’d not seriously thought about sudden death—about suddenly not being here—but that heart study shocked me into thinking: If I were to die this this year, what would I hope that I would have been doing?
So, using that question, I wrote a to-do list for this year, and I found that it’s the same as the important parts of my already existing to-do list—except that some parts I should do better.

To-Do List for 2022—my last year on Earth:

– Pray and talk with God. Attend church.

– Be nice to people, especially my wife . . . and love her.

– Explore God’s nature. Get outside (I’m there now, as I write this list).

– Act to make the world better for other species and for people. Advocate for God’s nature.

– Regularly speak with, and be with, family and close friends.

– Write and speak and don’t be afraid to put it out there. Use writing and speaking as tools to do good, to explore self, and to explore ideas.

– Read of great men and women, of humankind’s great ideas and inspirations, and of good people and their works. Read good writing and literature.

– Exercise regularly and get outside.


Regarding speaking and writing: If I were to die in the next year, what would I like for me to have published?

– Anything I can write or speak about to aid habitat, species, and peoples’ relation to them. In other words, anything to aid God’s nature.

– Go Where the Good Is articles, which are articles about people having done good things.

– some articles about health care costs.

– maybe an article about gun violence in America


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