Candidates endorsed by The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times endorsements were published in the 17 July 2022 (Sunday) issue on p. D3 and can be accessed at (e-published 8 July 2022 and updated 21 July 2022).

My Comments:
I’m glad I live where a free and healthy press still exists and where newspapers publish their recommendations on which candidates to vote for. Healthy newspapers have reporters who witness the current officeholders in action through the year, and they report on the histories, statements, and actions of the new candidates. During the year I catch parts—via my experiences, via my newspaper reading, and through the e-newsletters that I survey—of what current and prospective officeholders have done, but I’m not able to read every article about every issue, nor am I able to read every letter to the editor. When it’s time to vote, I greatly appreciate having the synopses and the endorsements of The Seattle Times editorial board, whose newspaper has reported lots on Washington State and whose board members have vetted and interviewed candidates. Those informed endorsements help me greatly to make my choices.       MRM

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