America Surrenders on Climate Change

24 July 2022  Jon Talton, “Surrender on Climate Change Bakes Catastrophe Into the Planet’s Cake,” The Seattle Times, 24 July 2022, Print, C5 and C10; 22 July 2022, Web,

My synopsis of this article:

President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, with its many climate-action initiatives, would have launched the United States on a clean-energy pathway, and that would have greatly benefited the world’s course. However, the agenda was opposed by Republicans, and now even the watered-down version has been rejected. It’s predicted that Republicans will win one or both chambers this fall, and the GOP, as Talton says, “is stalwartly opposed even to believing climate change is real and human-caused, much less to addressing it.” At the start of the article, Talton says historians will consider 2022 as the year that America gave up addressing human-caused climate change. He notes that “reality [the heat waves, floods, storms, droughts, ocean acidification, and mass migrations that are occurring] doesn’t care what Republican’s ‘believe.’” Inflation, recessions, and expansions come and go, but “climate change is here to stay. And it will get worse.”

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