A richer, fuller history of Little Big Horn

I submitted the following in the comments section of the E.J. Dionne article that is referenced below:

When I  first visited the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument years ago, I learned mostly about Lt. Col. George Custer and his several hundred soldiers—with a mention of Chief Sitting Bull and of Indians. When I toured the monument a second time, years later, information signs presented the Custer perspective, but they also presented stories from the Northern Plains tribes (comprising thousands of Indians in this—what I now call an American on American—battle) perspective. My understanding of the history of Little Big Horn is fuller, richer, and more real as a result.
     As E.J. Dionne points out in his essay “Opinion: Washington, Lincoln and the work they left behind,” The Washington Post, 20 Feb. 2022, Opinion: Washington, Lincoln and the work they left behind, the actual histories of Washington and Lincoln are more complicated and richer than the sanitized versions many of us were taught.

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