Flower power: color in the winter

photo by John Williams in the article “The Dandy Dandelion,” from the fall issue of Salish Magazine

Do you need some wintertime color? How about the common dandelion? They’re not out now, but dandelions and other flowers in the Pacific Northwest have been captured in exquisite pictures and knowledgeable prose (and poetry) for the fall issue (issue 17) of Salish Magazine. https://salishmagazine.org/

When springtime comes, the dandelion is first on the table for many. As Sarah Lorse says in her article, “The Dandy Dandelion,” https://salishmagazine.org/the-dandy-dandelion/ “The common dandelion is one of the first plants to provide nectar and pollen for insects. Its leaves provide food for the caterpillars of some butterfly and moth species, and songbirds eat the seeds. Dandelions are also a food source for other animals such as geese, deer, rabbits, and bears.” Excellent photographs by John Williams put us close up and face-to-face with the birds, bees, and deer who’ve come to the feast, and of course we see the pretty flowers.

Treat yourself to some color this winter and check out the Flowers edition of the free online Salish Magazine.   https://salishmagazine.org/issue-17/

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