Washington State: doing the work that’s needed.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “It’s not the critic who counts.”
     I admire Washington State’s governor and legislators because, rather than just gripe, they work the solutions to problems.
     Governor Jay Inslee’s Press Update (from press@updates.gov.wa.gov) of 10 Mar. 2023 reports on what action his office and the Washington State legislature have taken recently towards making our part of the world better. Washington State instituted a cap-and-invest program to reduce carbon emissions, passed gun restrictions (per the press update: “As gun death soars nationwide, Washington state has held its rate to just a fraction of the federal figure.”), and proposed legislation (in accordance with the principle that “failing to plan is planning to fail”) that would “urge Washington cities to adopt efforts like these in their own jurisdictions to reduce emissions, reduce vehicle miles, and to relieve communities and neighborhoods overburdened by pollution.”
     Climate change is a huge problem for the world, and gun violence is a big problem for the United States. Washington State leaders, rather than complain or confuse, are acting on both problems.   MRM

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