Saving Life on Earth

Catrin Einhorn, “Nearly Every Country Signs On to a Sweeping Deal to Protect Nature,” The New York Times, 19 Dec. 2022,×30.html?

My comments: For nature and for us, this is huge: the COP 15, 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference agreement in Montreal.

Can we stop the sixth extinction—the deterioration of the biosphere that we live in, depend upon, and have dominion over? Will we determine the conditions in which we live in the future, or if we live in the future, and if we’re really an intelligent and moral species? Or instead, will our selfishness race us to oblivion? COP 15 is a beginning, but it’s a hugely important one, for it’s us humans making the decision to save the diversity of life on Earth.

For my grandchildren, for other species on this beautiful blue-green planet, and for our claim that we’re a special species, I pray that the work we’ve started continues and succeeds.

     ⸺ MRM

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